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Frequently asked questions

Main meals


ON THE RUN Fresh breads, muffins, and danish. Handcrafted and fresh out of your oven. Pull and heat. TIME TO SIT Hot gourmet meals cooked with local farm fresh ingredients: THE PERFECT QUICHE The perfect quiche cooked with local farm fresh eggs. You pick your fillings. I create, you heat and eat. FARM FRESH OMELETTE Omelette wraps with farm fresh eggs cooked with your choice of ingredients. Pull, heat, and enjoy. SAUSAGE AND EGG PIE A full pie with fresh maple sausage and sharp cheddar cheese and local fresh eggs. Pull entire pie and heat in oven. BREAKFAST BITES Your choice of filling in a perfect pie crust, Pull and heat. WEEKEND UNWINDER: ANYTHING GOES Your choice or whatever you feel like: STUFFED FRENCH TOAST Filled with your choice of stuffing. Pull and heat. BUTTERMILK BUTTON PANCAKES Pull and heat.


SALAD SHOWDOWN Cold salads. You request, I create. (Our most popular are listed below). PASTA with GARDEN VEGETABLES Your choice of pasta with fresh Roma tomatoes, and fresh hand-diced mozzarella and CHEFreyL's Italian-style marinade. CAESAR SALAD Fresh Romaine lettuce tossed in CHEFreyL's hand-crafted Caesar dressing with hand-cut croutons and topped with chipped Romano cheese. (Some steps will need to be performed by you for the sake of freshness).. OUT OF THE KETTLE Homemade fresh soups and award-winning chowder. HOMEMADE CHICKEN VEGETABLE RICE SOUP CHEFreyL's AWARD-WINNING CLAM CHOWDER (two-year winner, by the way) BOLD and TASTY FRENCH ONION SOUP Listed are the most requested by customers, but any soup can be prepared. Just ask! All are available with both Lunch and Dinner menu. COLD ON THE RUN Your basic quick and easy luncheon - meats and cold sandwiches and salads. Pre-made and packaged for a particular day or for daily requirements. HOT ON THE RUN
All of the above soups are available. Pull and heat. HOMEMADE MACARONI and CHEESE. Pull and heat. SPECIALTY PIZZA
Handcrafted, including the dough, and CHEFreyL specialty toppings. Your choices range from pineapple to shrimp. Available with my homemade red sauce or white sauce. (Pull, assemble, cook, and enjoy! PERFECT ORIGINAL HOME-STYLE BEEF STEW with HOMEMADE COUNTRY BISCUITS Pull and heat. (Biscuits will need some set up and cooking). GRILLED CHICKEN SANDWICH Fresh boneless chicken breast, marinated or plain. (All toppings, cheeses, or other requests are available). OUR MOST POPULAR ITEM: THE CHEFreyL COMBO Your choice of whole or half sandwich and soup or my award-winning clam chowder. Your choices, your way.


DINNER AT EASE PASTA ANY WAY! YOUR CHOICES, YOUR WAY! All items preportioned. Pull and heat. Sauce? Your choice, your way. All sauces are portioned and labeled with heating directions. Pull and heat.
(My most requested sauces are meat sauce, marinara, and Alfredo, but any sauce is available - just ask). BEEF BURGUNDY over EGG NOODLES Hand cut prime beef burgundy over egg noodles or your choice of pasta. Preportioned and labeled with heating instructions. CHEFreyL's HOMEMADE MEATLOAF Angus-style homemade meatloaf with a touch of CHEFreyL flare. Preportioned for your convenience. Also prepared with roasted turned Red Bliss potatoes and your choice of vegetable. (Some meals need some preparation). DINNER WITH A LITTLE TIME Our most requested for all the right reasons. CHICKEN MARSALA over PASTA Your choice of pasta, but angel hair is my suggestion. (Marsala could be created with veal and/or pork - all are available). STUFFED PORK LOIN or BEEF TENDERLOIN
Hand-picked cut of pork loin stuffed with CHEFreyL's homemade seasoned bread stuffing. Served with either garlic red bliss potatoes or mashed red bliss potatoes. (I always try to honor any request you have for starch).
CHICKEN or BEEF POT PIES One of our popular fall and winter requests - pot pies - your choice of tender beef or fresh boneless chicken with vegetables and chunks of hand-cut Yukon Gold potatoes - all slowly simmered in CHEFreyL's perfect gravy. A BIT OF THE SEA From the sea to your table. BAKED HADDOCK BELLA VISTA Ocean fresh hand-cut haddock, lightly seasoned with olive oil and seasoned salt, topped with fresh hand-cut yellow, red, and green peppers, with a tasting of diced fresh Roma tomatoes added. The haddock is then slowly baked with seasoned bread crumbs. (Haddock and vegetables will be cut and portioned to your liking. Bread crumbs will be in your cabinet, as some preparation by you will be needed for best results. Cooking methods and preparation instructions always available). SHRIMP or SEAFOOD SCAMPI One of our most requested meals for entertaining, or for that quiet meal with someone special. Seafood will be sauteed in olive oil, lemon, and garlic. This meal will need some direction - a quick phone call or text, even an email. You will be lead to an exciting, perfect meal never to forget. (All above items will be stored in a freezer-proof container or Cyrovac and will contain complete heating or cooking instructions).


Special Easter Sunday Meals

TRADITIONAL BREAKFAST Served plated or as a family-style buffet Your Choice of Juice - Over-Stuffed Omelet - Garlic Parsley Farm-Fresh Scrambled Eggs - Oven-Roasted Red Bliss Potatoes or Shredded Yukon Gold Potato Hash Browns Your choice of one or two meats: - Maple-Flavored Sausages - Golden-Brown Canadian Bacon - Crispy Smoked-Flavored Bacon and Fruit-Filled French Toast with Warm - Whipped Butter and Maple Syrup Spread - Buttermilk-Flavored Ayla Anne - Button Pancakes or Pancakes Topped with Warm Whipped Butter and Maple Syrup Spread - Assorted Fresh Fruits in an Orange-Pineapple Flavoring - Baskets Full of Fresh Assorted - Breads and Muffins - Freshly Brewed Coffee EASTER DINNER Enjoy the entree of your choice! - Middle Eastern Chicken Kabobs - Greek-style Flavored Leg of Lamb - Oven Baked Ham with Brown Sugar & Dijon-Infused Flavor - Pan-Roasted Chicken Coated with a Chick Pea Puree All above items are served with your choice of starch and vegetables and a basket of rolls and/or breads. All changes are considered and any dessert request as well.

Mothers Day Specials

THE ORIGINAL FAVORITE Eggs Benedict Two perfectly poached farm-fresh eggs served on hand-cut Canadian ham or bacon, on a grilled English muffin or freshly baked biscuit, and doused with CHEFreyL's creamy buttery Hollandaise sauce. THE POPULAR FAVORITE Baked Mother's Day Casserole A fresh blend of shredded Yukon gold potatoes, seasoned to perfection, mixed with red, yellow, and green peppers, then folded in bacon spinach reduction, topped with local farm-fresh poached eggs. THE MOTHER'S DAY SUPER-SIZED SURPRISE A Full Brunch - All the favorites - Stuffed French toast, your choice of breakfast meats, as well as eggs and home fries - Full buffet with all the fixings, and assorted breads and juices. You may choose between one of his menus, or you can work with CHEFreyL to create her dream Mother's Day buffet. DINNER for TWO or DINNER for a GROUP Sit-down or buffet-style YOUR MOTHER'S DAY ENTREE CHOICES - Middle Eastern Chicken Kabobs - Greek-style Flavored Leg of Lamb - Oven Baked Ham with Brown Sugar & Dijon-Infused Flavor - Pan-Roasted Chicken Coated with a Chick Pea Puree All above items are served with your choice of starch and vegetables and a basket of rolls and/or breads. All changes are considered. and any dessert request as well.

Fathers Day Specials

SIMPLE BEGINNINGS - Fresh mushrooms stuffed with port wine and seafood stuffing - Shrimp cocktail, 21/25 hand-peeled, with CHEFreyL's special cocktail sauce - Chicken satay* on a stick, marinated in seasoned olive oil or Ocean-fresh bay scallops wrapped in hickory smoked bacon *Satay is a dish of Southeast Asia - a dish of seasoned, skewered and grilled meat served with a sauce. OUT of the KETTLE - CHEFreyL's award-winning clam chowder or - Onion soup made with Vidalia onions LIGHTER SIDE - Caesar salad - Tossed salad - Antipasto or Macaroni salad MEAL TIME - Hand-cut grilled filet mignon - Perfect portion of sirloin steak au poivre - Surf 'n' turf - shrimp paired with his choice of filet mignon, sirloin steak, or marinated steak tips or - Grilled season salmon filet topped with a Dijon pepper cream reduction. All entrees served with your choice of potato, pasta, or rice pilaf All meals are subject to change depending on availability and cost and can be prepared on site or delivered to your home. CHEFreyL is responsible for all shopping, and for all the items needed in preparation. (Food investment must be provided before day of preparation) If you don't see his favorite meal, just ask! CHEFreyL is all about making food fun and unforgettable.

Special Christmas Meals

Valentines Day Meals

Mussels Fra Diavolo One of the most unexpected and famous meals for this special day: mussels combined with a rich spicy red sauce and a touch of crushed red pepper and CHEFreyL's blend of olive oil and seasonings. (Fra Diavolo means "brother devil" in Italian and refers to a spicy tasty tomato sauce). Steak au Poivre A French-inspired dish, created in a small French bistro years ago by mistake! A perfect hand-cut rib eye steak, pan seared in its own natural juices, then coated in a creamy peppercorn sauce created right in the pan just before serving. Spicy to the palette; smooth to the taste. Surf 'n' Turf A perfectly hand-cut piece of tenderloin: a filet mignon expertly seasoned to enhance the natural flavors, paired with fresh Gulf Shrimp overstuffed with CHEFreyL's seafood sherry and bread stuffing. Package #1 - For Your Special Night - Your choice of chowder or onion or vegetable soup - Caesar salad or house salad - Oven-roasted Prime Rib and vegetable and starch of your choice OR Baked Stuffed Haddock and vegetable and starch of your choice. Your choice of dessert -Strawberry Shortcake -Blueberry Cheesecake (A dozen long-stemmed roses included in this package). Package #2 - Menu Designed by You - Your choice of chowder or onion or vegetable soup - Caesar salad or house salad Your choice of a Surf 'n' Tuft entree: - Stuffed Shrimp or Stuffed Lobster Tail or Shrimp and Lobster Scampi with Stuffed Tenderloin or Grilled Porterhouse Steak topped with Bearnaise Sauce. Your choice of dessert -Strawberry Shortcake -Blueberry Cheesecake (A bottle of Champagne and a dozen long-stemmed roses included in this package). Package #3 - The "Just Because" Menu - Your choice of chowder or onion or vegetable soup Your choice of the following entrees: - Chicken or Veal Marsala served over Angel Hair Pasta - Stuffed Chicken (either Potter-style Kiev or DeLorey Cordon Bleu) - Roasted Stuffed Pork Loin Your choice of dessert -Strawberry Shortcake -Blueberry Cheesecake (A box of chocolates, a bottle of Champagne, & a dozen long-stemmed roses included in this package). (Above items without pasta are served with your choice of a starch and a vegetable)

St. Patrick's Day Meals

Soup - Original Cabbage Soup - Potato Leek Soup - Cheese and Ale Soup Irish Pub Salad A perfect mixture of Irish greens, tossed with cauliflower and Julienne carrots, joined by sliced farm fresh hard boiled eggs, then topped with a blend of chipped cheeses and loaded with red onions. Irish Eyes Smiling Entrees - Parmesan Bread Crumb Crusted - Roasted Lamb - Homemade Meat-Filled Shepherd's Pie (Lamb or Beef) Hearty Irish Stew (Lamb or Beef) Traditional Corned Beef Dinner with Yukon Gold* or Bliss Potatoes, Cabbage Wedges, Carrots, and Yellow Onions. Served with your choice of mustard or horseradish sauce. *closest to Irish potatoes All entrees served with homemade Irish soda bread and golden butter. Dessert - Irish Soda Bread Pudding CHEFreyL also presents the World's Most Famous Top o' the Mornin' Breakfast - Four Irish bangers (sausages) - Four slices of Irish rashers (bacon) - Eight ounces of black pudding - Eight ounces of white pudding - Four large fried brown eggs - Four tomato wedges - Four cubed boiled potatoes - Irish beans - Irish brown soda bread - All topped with grated Dublin cheese!

Chef's favorites

3 for 30 meal plan

The 3 for 30 Meal Plan is a perfect and simple concept. We meet, we plan, and I make your life easier day by day, meal by meal. Let me help you. Sit back and relax for a change, enjoy your family time, and some delectable food after a busy day. Thirty days of three meals per day done your way with our planning and preparation. With CHEFreyL's direction and creativity, we can create that one quiet meal, a special date night, family breakfast, or that celebration dinner with friends and family. Over the years I have realized, like most people, that life is short, and time is precious. You must enjoy every day from the moment you open your eyes until you can’t keep them open any longer. Let CHEFreyL help to create some quality downtime with wonderfully home cooked meals for you and your family. It’s simple. I love food, friends, and family, as I’m sure you do. But, I also realize in today’s hectic climate that home cooked meals and family time are sometimes hard to manage. FOOD brings people together. FOOD is FUN! It does not have to be a dying ART. THE 3 for 30 MENU CHICKEN, BEEF, and FISH TACOS Prepared to perfection, served with all fresh ingredients, including handmade salsa and guacomole. Some preparation at meal time might be needed for the sake of freshness. All items will be available in your home. GRILLED BONELESS BREAST of CHICKEN Perfectly grilled boneless breast of chicken, marinated in CHEFreyL's blended oil and a perfect mix of selected herbs, finished with a rich-tasting balsamic glaze. CHICKEN or VEAL PARMESAN Perfectly cut, pounded, and breaded, accompanied by your choice of pasta, topped off with a blend of melted cheeses and CHEFreyL's homemade marinara sauce. PASTA PRIMAVERA One of the most POPULAR and FAMILY FRIENDLY meals. A bundle of in-season vegetables sauteed in a blended oil with garlic & white wine, and CHEFreyL's secret seasoning blend and then tossed with pasta shells and topped with fresh Parmesan cheese. CHEFreyL's fresh garlic toast available upon request. BONELESS HAND-CUT CHICKEN BREAST Sauteed in a blended oil and coated with fresh pesto and CHEFreyL's blend of seasonings, served over a bed of bow tie pasta. Your choice of pasta is available, but my recommendation is bow tie for shape and texture, as it allows for a perfect coating of the pesto sauce. PAN ROASTED CHICKEN with BLISTERED ROMA TOMATO SAUCE This entree is created with a half or full chicken (Using the entire chicken is suggested). This very popular dish is served with your choice of a starch and a vegetable. (Pan roasting is a two-step method, utilizing a high flame to sear in all the flavors, then finishing at a lower temperature in a closed oven). MARINATED HAND CUT SEARED SIRLOIN STEAK Each piece of sirloin is cut and portioned by CHEFreyL to ensure a perfect cut of steak, served with your choice of a starch and a vegetable. (Any type of preferred sauce is available for all items). TOP ROUND of ROAST BEEF Served with the freshest herb and garlic seasoning, topped with a brandied mushroom sauce and served over garlic toast points with your choice of a starch and a vegetable. THE LIGHTER SIDE OF GREAT HEALTHY FOOD by CHEFreyL CHEFreyL's FAMOUS BEEF and BROCCOLI Chef's first choice when he sits down to eat! Made with fresh broccoli and the finest, leanest cut of beef and served over white rice. Broccoli is full of vitamins and minerals and the cut of tenderloin that will be chosen just for you and your family will be a premium cut. The combination of CHEFreyL's creativity and the blend of seasoning and sauce make this a meal you are likely never to forget. PORK TENDERLOIN This entree is topped with a sherry mushroom sauce. Pork tenderloin is actually the leanest cut of pork, so this meal is outstanding for the calorie-conscious and everyone else for that matter. (Pork, if served in a three-ounce portion, is roughly only 140 calories and only four grams of fat). CHICKEN and VEGETABLE SAUTE Amazing and so tasty! A perfect cut of boneless chicken Julienne-style, with a bounty of fresh, blanched, in-season vegetables, tossed in a white wine and chicken stock reduction and served over your choice of pasta, rice, or risotto. SCALLOPS STIR-FRY Healthy and fresh, right out of the sea CHEFreyL's way - sensationally tasty. Fresh locally bought bay or sea scallops sauteed in a blend of oils, dry Sherry wine, chicken broth, and CHEFreyL's lighter-side stir-fry sauce. Served over rice, pasta, or neither. (Sea scallops are 1 1/2 inches in size and caught locally, mainly from the ocean floor; bay scallops are much smaller in size and are farm-raised). LEMON POACHED FRESH LOCAL HADDOCK Slowly cooked in a perfect fish stock and topped with blanched fresh Julienne-cut carrots and a fresh lemon beurre blanc sauce. (Lemon blanc sauce is a combination of lemon shallots, light cream, and white wine). GRILLED SWORDFISH in DILLED WHITE WINE SAUCE (Salmon and haddock also available). Simply coated with CHEFrey's seasoning, then grilled or baked and covered with a freshly made dill white wine sauce. (For maximum flavor, the skin is left on while cooking).

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